• Cedarville MS/HS Grades 6-12


    Grades must be posted by the end of the day on Monday, June 8th.  This includes Q3, Q4, E3, E4 and S2 grades.

    You will post Quarter 4 and Exam 4 grades the same way you posted grades for Q3.    Semester grades will also be posted, but by manually entering the semester grades in the posting window as you will not be able to copy them from the gradebook.  Additionally, you can post Quarterly exam grades, which will show on the report card.  Illuminate has created a Cross-Gradebook Weight report which will allow you to calculate a semester grade based on your marking period and exam grades. 


    1.       Quarter 4 grades are calculated from your Q4 (filtered) gradebook.  These grades will be posted from the Post Grades screen.

    2.       Exam 3 grades are calculated from your E3 (filtered) gradebook.  These grades will be posted from the Post Grades screen.

    3.       Exam 4 grades are calculated from your E4 (filtered) gradebook.  These grades will be posted from the Post Grades screen.


    A Cross-Gradebook Weight report will calculate a semester 2 grade.  You can set up the weighting for 40%(Q3), 10%(E3), 40%(Q4) and 10%(42) if you are following the school standard weighting.  If you are not factoring exam grades, adjust your weighting accordingly.

    5.       The Cross-Gradebook Weight report will only calculate the semester grades.  You will then save or print the list of grades, and use that to enter them into the Semester 2 posting screen.  By using the Post Grades screen to enter semester grades, you will not have to create a new gradebook for semester grades.


    Posting Grades

    Click: 1. Gradebooks tab, 2. My Gradebook, 3. Click on any of your Gradebook classes.

    Report Card 1  

    You will see the Grades for matching.  Please make sure to select ALL STUDENTS at the bottom of this screen so that any students that have exited your class will still receive a grade.


    Once in the Gradebook, click on the Other tab and select Post Grades from the drop down menu.

    Report Card 2  

    This is the final screen before you have to publish grades to a report card which will be covered in a sub-sequent help document. You will want to verify that your student’s grades have been posted correctly. Keep in mind that if you have posted before, this screen will reflect prior posts.

    1. Gradebook Score- This is a student’s current total score in your gradebook.

    2. Final Grade- This is where you select the final grade you would like to assign a student. If you would like to use the student's current Gradebook Score, at the far right you will see the option to Copy GradeBook Score on a per student basis.


    1 gradebook for Semester 2 – use filtering\

    Cross-Gradebook Weight report:

    Report Card 3  

    Enter in a class under the class section.  Add gradebooks and map the gradebook to Q1, Q2 and E1 and E2.  Add the weighting.  RUN.  You will get an overall semester grade and percentage.  Print or save this report and use it to POST your semester grades.


    With Exam (setup)

     Report Card 4

    Without Exam (setup)

    Report Card 5  

    NOTE:  The Semester calculation uses gradebook grades for each marking period and exam.  If you manually changed a grade when posting, this change is not reflected on your semester grade report.

    NOTE:  If the letter grade is not correct, use percentage to determine the final letter grade.


    Post Semester 2 grades as described above using the cross gradebook report as your guide.