• Where to Start:

    Post Grades 1  

    1. Click on the Gradebooks tab.


    2.Select My Gradebook.


    3. Click on any of your Gradebook classes.

    Post Grades 2

    Once in the Gradebook, click on the Assignments tab and select Post Grades from the drop down menu. 


    Setting up your Grade Scales:


    Post Grades 3

    This is the screen that will allow you to Post Grades. You will want to make sure that the grades match for that period and also verify you are in the correct Grading Period.


    1. Grade Scale Map- This is where you set up your grading scale. Note: If your site has set a schoolwide grade scale in the Gradebook that matches the report card scale it will already be mapped perfectly. We do have a schoolwide scale set up.


    2. Show Students- This will determine what list of students you see on the next page.


    You have three options:

    Current Students- Any students that were in the class during the entirety of the grading period.

    Inactive Students- Students who left the class before the end of the grading period. This allows you to post grades for students who are not currently scheduled to you.

    All Students


    3. Hit Next to move on and finalize your post.



    Posting Grades:


    Post Grades 4

    This is the final screen before you have to publish grades to a report card which will be covered in a sub-sequent help document. You will want to verify that your students’ grades have been posted correctly. Keep in mind that if you have posted before, this screen will reflect prior posts.


    1. Gradebook Score- This is a student’s current total score in your gradebook.


    2. Final Grade- This is where you select the final grade you would like to assign a student.


    3. If you would like to use the student's current Gradebook Score, at the far right you will see the option to Copy GradeBook Score on a per student basis.


    Post Grades 5

    Copy Gradebook Score Continued- If you would like to use ALL student's Gradebook Score as their Final Grade, scroll to the bottom of your page and click Use Gradebook Scores as Final Grades.

    Post Grades 6

    Ignore- This feature was specifically created for 12th grade students, or students who need final grades posted before the actual end of term. If Ignore is checked, and then Invert is clicked, grades for the students selected will be posted, but the grades for students not selected will not be posted.


    Next Steps:


    3. Check your comments or add new ones.


    4. Publish or Save grades.


    The difference between Save and Publish is as follows:


    "Publish" basically takes Gradebook data and stores it in the Grades module, which can then be used for generating report cards and using other reports, all focused around grading periods and end-of-term (final) grades.


    "Save" is for cases when you're working on grade edits and want to save them but not yet publish them. The saved gradebook grades are used in the parent portal, progress reports, and student profile widget, but cannot be used for report cards until they are published. Each time you modify your grades, you will want to go back to Post Grades and Save it so it will update the portal, progress reports and the widgets.


    "Re-publish" this allows teachers to go back and fix any grade discrepancies found after posting grades. For example, if a teacher forgot to enter a few assignments for a student and goes into their gradebook to update the students grade. Once updated in the gradebook, a teacher can come back into Post-Secondary Grades and Re-publish the students score to reflect their updated score.