• Please click on the following links for available Indian Policies and Procedures, Forms and Applications:


    2017-18 Policies & Procedures


    Title VI 506 Form

     This form serves as the official record of the eligibility determination for each individual child included in the student count. You are not required to complete or submit this form; however, if you choose not to submit a form, your child cannot be counted for funding under the program.


    Youth Development Fund Application

    Available to all tribal students for a variety of purposes, including (but not limited to) sport fees and equipment, music/dance/theatre lessons, camps, instrument purchase/rental, school supplies, driver's education fees, and class trips. Applicants may receive funding once per school year for up to $150.00. To access, click on the link above, and scroll to the bottom of the page to download the form. 



     Michigan Indian Tuition Waiver Application

    Opportunity for native students that are a quarter or more to have your full tuition paid for in the state of Michigan.


    MIEA Student Incentive Program

    A student incentive program is being offered by the Michigan Indian Elders Association (MIEA) to recognize students who achieve all "A's" for a marking period as well as students who achieve perfect attendance for a marking period. Click on the above link and scroll to the bottom of the webpage to download the form.