• What advice would you offer to students joining FIRST robotics?
    Attend all the meetings, the teacher's appreciate it!
    What do you think are some helpful tips to increase efficiency in building the robot?
    Working together and sharing ideas instead of trying to do something on your own without telling anyone else.
    Why do you think STEM is important and how does it affect you?
    STEM hits a little on something on at least one aspect of everyone's lives. Science, technology, engineering, and mathematics. Science is all over the world around us, technology is always evolving, engineering can be anything from designs of roads to changes to help the environment, and mathematics are used in everyday lives. STEM effects me because before I had joined robotics, I really had no idea about any type of career futures that were to do with STEM, but it was a really good way to see the future choices that I had.
Last Modified on March 18, 2019