• What advice would you offer to students joining FIRST robotics? 
    Some advice I would give to students joining FIRST is that you should just have fun. It may be a competition, but it's like any other sport or club you are supposed to have fun.
    What do you think are some helpful tips to increase efficiency in building the robot?
    I think having a clear direction on what's happening on the robot would be great because sometimes people just get left in the dust without knowing what to do. Another thing would be to get rid of the filler people that just get in the way of the robot and who have no clear purpose having people that actually want to be it is probably really important as well.
    Why do you think STEM is important and how does it affect you?
    I think STEM is pretty important because a lot of today jobs have people either creating or constructing new things and I think it's important that people get introduced to the field.
Last Modified on March 18, 2019