• What advice would you offer to students joining FIRST robotics?
    Get ready to be inspired to join a STEM field after joining robotics.
    What do you think are some helpful tips to increase efficiency in building the robot?
    It really helps when everyone has a job. It also helps when the younger students who don't always know what they are doing are paired with an older student, and they can be taught how to work on the robot through mentorship.
    Why do you think STEM is important and how does it affect you?
    I think STEM is important to learn because the world is advancing so quickly, so education on these topics is what will keep up and coming adults well-versed on what is making their world turn. Engineers are also needed more than ever, solving more and more problems every day. STEM affects me quite obviously because I've chosen a STEM field, but it is also in everything I do. I drive to school every day, sit in a well-lit class staring at SMART boards and projectors that aid in my education, and more.
Last Modified on March 18, 2019