• FIRST History

    Every year FIRST Robotics updates their history. In 2014 they said, “From our beginning in 1992 with 28 teams in a New Hampshire high-school gym, to reaching close to 250,000 young people…” This year they updated their information to “Today, the four FIRST programs reach over 400,000 young people annually.” So, in 5 years the Robotics population grew at least 150,000 people. FIRST Robotics has changed from 28 teams in a high school gym into an incredibly massive program that teaches kids vital knowledge. FIRST Robotics encourages STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) and that's very positive for kids. The FIRST mission talks about certain attributes that will help with real life, like the ability to work well with a team, to work hard with a good work ethic, to be safe, and to encourage others to be safe. FIRST keeps on growing and this year over 17% of Cedarville Schools students are on the robotics team. This is the highest number yet and we hope it continues to grow. 

    FIRST Logo

Last Modified on March 18, 2019