• Safety 

    "Instilling a culture of safety is a value that every individual in the FIRST community must embrace as we pursue FIRST’s mission and vision. FIRST Robotics Competition (FRC) has adopted safety as a core value and has established the framework for safety leadership in all aspects of the program. FIRST believes that the teams who take the lead in developing safety programs and policies have a positive and lasting impact on each team member, Mentor, their communities, and their present and future workplaces. FIRST recognizes the teams that demonstrate safety throughout their programs and are truly committed to developing and nurturing a safety culture."


     In FIRST robotics you learn how to work effectively and how to be safe. There are many rules FIRST has to help teams have safety. They do things like making rules that you must wear safety glasses in the pit (Where we work on the robot). They believe in encouraging us to create this in the foundation of our team. It is a very important part of our team.
    Safety Glasses Required



Last Modified on March 18, 2019