• Kingsford

    This year in Kingsford we made it to finals. With snow days being so prevalent this year we did not have our robot completely done. We went to the competition and everything on the robot did not work. We could not drive, work our arm, spin gear motors, and much more. We are having problems with the robot this year. Whenever we had time though we had worked on the robot as a team. We got a lot done and actually made it to playoffs. We all worked super hard on the robot and think we could be successful at LSSU. We are doing all we can in between competition. We cannot unbag the robot to work on it but that does not mean we are not getting a lot done. We are spending time working on code to make our robot better.

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    We went to LSSU 4/4-6/19. We go to LSSU every year because it is our home event. We went there and we played hard. We had many robot problems and worked very hard on fixing them. We did not make it to playoffs but we all had fun and learned a lot.


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Last Modified on April 18, 2019