• Leadership

    Leadership is a big component in FIRST. It is important to have one student leader to know everything that is going on and needs to be done. You could pick someone to be a leader but most students just become it without even knowing it. For us, every student has to be their own leader. Being a small team we have to know as an individual what to do in our area of the competition. You have to be on top of yourself and others. Leadership is one of the many skills you learn in FIRST. There is also the fact that in FIRST robotics the students have to take leadership roles normally taken by adults. We have student leaders that are helped by the coaches and mentors by the team. The mentors and coaches do not do the work for you but instead, they teach you how so you can be a leader instead of them. FIRST teaches students a lot about leadership.


    Student Leadership

Last Modified on March 19, 2019