• Cedarville Schools 


    Fax:  906-484-2072


    Please use the following extensions when contacting the school:
    1 - Student Services/Joanne Baker
    2 - Central Office
    3 - Business Office
    4 - Athletic Department
    5 - Transcript Request
    6 - Drama Club/Box Office
    7 - After School Success Program
    8 - Spell by Last Name Directory
    **If you reach a voicemail and would like to reach another extension, press "0" to ring through the Central Office**



    Name:                  Mr. Bob Lohff

    Position:              Superindendent/Principal

    Email:                    blohff@eupschools.org

    Extension:           1101


    Name:                  Mrs. Jill McLeod

    Position:              Elementary Principal

    Email:                    jmcleod@eupschools.org

    Extension:           1126


    Name:                  Mrs. Lisa Sandvik

    Position:              Business Manager

    Email:                    lsandvik@eupschools.org

    Extension:           1102


    Name:                  Mrs. Marcie Fierek

    Position:              Administrative Assistant

    Email:                    mfierek@eupschools.org

    Extension:           1101


    Name:                  Mrs. Joanne Baker

    Position:              K-12 Secretary

    Email:                    jbaker@eupschools.org

    Extension:           1100


    Name:                  Mrs. Sara Webber-Duncan

    Position:              Data Services

    Email:                    swduncan-lcs@eupschools.org

    Extension:           1104




    Name:                  Amy Kohlmann

    Position:              Food Service Supervisor

    Email:                    akohlmann@eupschools.org


    Name:                  Leanne Cason

    Position:              Food Service


    Name:                  Kris Mills

    Position:              Bus Driver


    Name:                  Mike Bolcer

    Position:              Bus Driver


    Name:                  Bill Kohlmann

    Position:              Bus Driver