• The Michigan Legislature has provided an opportunity for students to slightly modify the State of 
    Michigan graduation requirements.  This is called a Personal Curriculum, and it allows for specific 
    modifications.  A Personal Curriculum meeting may be requested by a student 18 or older, a parent, or 
    school personnel.
    A Personal Curriculum modification is allowed by state statute for only three reasons:
    1. A student wishes to go beyond the academic credit requirements by adding more math, science, English, or world languages.
    2. A student wishes to modify the Algebra II math requirement.
    3. A student with a disability needs to modify the credit requirements based on his or her disability and Individual Education Plan (IEP).
    While a Personal Curriculum may be requested at any time during a student’s high school experience, it 
    should be used only after a student has exhausted all other options in their attempt to be successful in 
    the Michigan Merit Curriculum.
    Students are expected to meet the Michigan Merit Curriculum credit requirements and effectively plan 
    and schedule their classes accordingly.
    Please contact the school guidance counselor for further information.