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Athletic Coaches: 

Jr. High & Varsity Cross Country - Ryan Wilson

JV Football - Mark Storey

Varsity Football - Scott Barr

Jr. High Volleyball - Ellie Barr

JV Volleyball - Jody Smith

Varsity Volleyball - Marcie Fierek

Elementary Girls Basketball - Butch Paquin & Kylie Hill

Jr. High Girls Basketball - Kylie Hill 

JV Girls Basketball - Chad Williams

Varsity Girls Basketball - Brad Causley

Elementary Boys Basketball - Butch Paquin

Jr. High Boys Basketball - Steve Paquin

JV Boys Basketball - Joe Duncan 

Varsity Boys Basketball - Jason Duncan

Varsity Girls Track - Kris Hill

Varsity Boys Track - Ryan Wilson 

Jr. High Track - Rob Preston

Varsity Girls & Boys Golf - Rob Freel 

Jr. High Girls & Boys Golf - Jeff Autore 

Varsity Girls Softball & Boys Baseball - Co-Op with Pickford Schools 


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