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Check Grade Progress for 6-12 Students

How do I Monitor My Students Grades:


Thank you for your hard work supporting your students as they work through distance learning. Students have the ability to monitor their grades through their student portals. We wanted to remind parents that you too have the ability to monitor your students grade through the Parent Portal within Illuminate. Within the portal you will be able to see missing assignments as well as whether your student got credit for their completed assignments.


If you have not set up your parent portal we can help you with that.....

  • Send an email to with the name/grade of your students
  • Mrs. Edington will send you an email back with a registration code along with a PDF to walk you through setting up your portal
  • You will be able to access your students information upon completion


If you have a student taking a Michigan Virtual class they do not show up within Illuminate. You can ask your student to log in to their class, email their mentor teacher directly (ask your student who they have for a mentor) or email



Please encourage your students to finish strong these next few weeks. The finish line is in reach!! We're here to help you monitor your student's progress. If you have any questions please let us know.