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Camp Invention Module Overview

Robotic Aquatics

Diving into the latest ocean research, children create a habitat for their own robotic fish.  They design a tank featuring a newly designed and patented aquatic plant, and then they discover the power of symbiotic relationships and create a friend for their fish.  Finally, they develop their own bio-inspired invention and deliver a pitch that is sure to make a splash.

NIHF’S The Attic

Combining art and STEM, this STEAM-powered experience shows children how innovations can shape the way people make art.  Entering an inspiring space  where they can experiment with art, animation, chemistry, and materials science, children build their own Arty Bot to create fun spin art and learn how trademarks can protect their ideas.


This adventure takes children beyond Earth’s atmosphere to engage in science-rich activities inspired by the latest discoveries on distant planets, asteroids and moons.  Children create Spacepacks and Astro-Arm devices, with higher grade levels using hydraulics.  They mine an asteroid, view an ice volcano and make galactic pizza on Jupiter’s moons.

Marble Arcade

In a high-energy experience that combines physics, engineering and gaming, children design and build a mega marble machine.  After investigating math, motion and chain reactions, testing their designs and running time trials with objects including glowing LED marbles, children collaborate and cheer each other on as they iterate and improve on their designs.