• MVS (Michigan Virtual School)

    MVS classes deliver a high quality online course that fulfills the MMC “online learning experience” requirement, while at the same time exploring content areas of interest that are not offered in-house at CHS. Students can select from over 200 classes including courses such as: oceanography, digital photography, business math, German, Latin, personal finance, world civilization and forensic science. Over 25 Advanced Placement courses are also available through MVS for students who wish to receive college credits (pending passing a course end assessment which they pay about $85 to take in May at Cedarville High School).

    Pre-requisite: Must be a junior or senior (or a high achieving sophomore) who is able to work well independently, and willing to access the Internet through school, home and/or library computers.



    The class provides high school students the opportunity to work one hour a day with an elementary student who is in need of extra classroom assistance (academically and/or socially). Responsibilities include helping the elementary student better understand his/her assignments, listening to him/her read and building a positive relationship. Each mentor is given an individual “job description” and makes a difference in one child's life.

    Pre-requisite: A minimum of a cumulative 2.5 GPA and teacher approval.


    Independent Study

    Junior and Senior students who have a special area of interest are encouraged to check with the subject area teacher or the counselor to set up an independent study course. Examples of these include: Journalism (Yearbook), Advanced Art, Advanced Sociology, Water Quality Testing.