• Band:

    High School Band is an instrumental music class for students in grades 9-12. This class is designed for intermediate to advanced level musicians playing wind and percussion instruments. During the school year we will cover the following topics: tone production, intonation, technique, rhythm, balance, blend, expression, the creative process, theory, and history. 

    Prerequisite: A reading knowledge of music is required and enrollment in the class is by permission of the instructor


    Humanities Through Music:

    Humanities Through Music is a comprehensive compilation of the history of civilization covering the development of the arts, culture, society, architecture, and religion from prehistory to the present. This course explores human values, attitudes, and ideas by examining the history and nature of human creative expression from a variety of time periods, art forms, and cultural traditions. We will investigate the interrelationships of cultural history, spiritual traditions, philosophy, literature, and the visual and performing arts - all through the medium of music.


    Woods I:

    Students will learn the proper techniques for the safe operation of the table saw, band saw, circular saw, panel saw, jig saw, power miter saw, surface planer, router, jointer, stationary sander, belt sander, and palm sanders. Students will learn the characteristics of different woods and their different applications in the construction field as well as for making furniture. Students will learn proper cutting, sanding, gluing, and finishing techniques with the utmost attention to detail. Students are encouraged to design and built their own quality project.They are responsible for developing a scaled drawing, selecting the proper materials, developing a cut list 

    The CHS woods program has many different woods for students and building a beautiful lasting project. The students may also work in collaboration with another student or may be assigned a project if they cannot afford to build one themselves.to choose from at a discount price, or they may bring their own.


    Advanced Woods:

    This course is designed for 10-12 grade students. They will have the same safety and technique training as the woods 1 students even if they took woods 1 already. The students will be challenged to use various jointery techniques and will be encouraged to build a quality furniture item that will last for generations. Attention will be given to and the demand will be for the proper use of terminology throughout both courses.



    Prerequisite: None

    Course Description: An introduction to the arts, Art I is the first step toward the goal of earning the MMC Art Credit. Students learn basic terminology, learn about basic art tools and techniques, and complete projects that help them to experience the creative process. They also learn about culture, art history from prehistoric times to

    Impressionism, and art career paths.

    Requirement: Participation in the Spring Art Show

    Assessments: Unit Testlets, Project Rubrics, Written Reflections, Presentations,

    Semester and Final Exams


    Advanced Art:

    Prerequisite: Art I and Art II, or MMC equivalent

    Course Description: This course builds upon the elements and principles of art that were introduced in Art I; it is the final step toward the goal of earning the MMC VPA Credit. Students work more independently, learning how to use a variety of tools and techniques to reach their personal creative goals in compositions. They study art history from Impressionism to the Moderns, learn more about career paths, and become more experienced in making educated conclusions about others' art as well as their own.

    Requirement: Participation in the Spring Art Show

    Assessments: Unit Testlets, Project Rubrics, Written Reflections, Presentations,

    Semester and Final Exams